Mariah has a smile that will capture your attention! She is a playful, witty, charismatic, and creative young lady. She is described by others as adventurous and not afraid of being unique or trying new things. She enjoys playing dress up and having her nails done, but this ‘girly girl’ also describes herself as an occasional tomboy who loves playing outside. Her hobbies are swimming, cooking, and arts and crafts, but she has also expressed an interest in learning new skills like gymnastics and karate. As you can tell, she loves staying on the move!

Mariah would like to be adopted by a loving family, but has reservations about a family being able to unconditionally commit to her and  will benefit from a slow, patient transition. Although initially shy, she will blossom in a nurturing family that understands the impact of loss and is able to provide her with a structured, accepting environment. Maintaining some of her existing relationships is also important to her, so a family that is open-minded to these connections will also be the best fit.

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