Ronald is a quirky and friendly eleven-year-old boy. He is described as initially shy, inquisitive, and playful. Ronald enjoys playing outside on the playground and riding his bike and scooter. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog and playing card games. He likes a variety of animals but especially loves marine life and reptiles. Ronald can be a picky eater at times but has recently started trying new foods. If you ask him where he’d like to go eat, he would gladly tell you Taco Bell!

Ronald is in the 4th grade and has an Individual Education Plan to assist him as he is delayed academically.

Overall, Ronald is physically healthy. He is prescribed medication, which he takes daily. Ronald attends weekly trauma-focused individual therapy.

This is not a legal risk placement as termination of parental rights has occurred. The ideal adoptive family for Ronald would be a loving family with trauma-informed parenting experience and behavioral training. The family should be Level A trained or be willing to complete Level A training. The adoptive family should have a strong support network locally and have the ability to establish consistent, firm, but loving rules and consequences.

All family types will be considered for Ronald. Homestudied families from all states will be considered.


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Maddie Bobbitt

Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition


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