Serenity is a beautiful 15 year old who is ready for a family! She is a happy child, who likes to sing and dance. Serenity loves all things girly. She enjoys doing her makeup, getting her hair and nails done, and anything regarding fashion.  Serenity is very bright. She does well in school overall but does sometimes struggle when she is bored. Serenity is not a picky eater and she has a large appetite. Her favorite foods are pizza, hot wings, and cheese fries. She does not like squash or onions, and she is allergic to seafood. She likes fast food. Serenity has big dreams for herself, and wants to go to college after she graduates high school.

Serenity has been in foster care several years. As a result, she has a hard time learning to trust new people. Once she is comfortable with someone and understands their boundaries and expectations, she can do well. She would do best in a home with no other children, as she enjoys having one-on-one attention and having the focus on her.

Serenity is a resilient young lady who wants to be part of a forever family. She thrives on consistency and positive attention.

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