Meet William, a 6 year old charmer. William is an active kiddo who will quickly liven up your life.  He loves to try new things and has participated in basketball, soccer, and bowling. Right now he says soccer is his favorite! His perfect summer includes camping, watching NASCAR and Wrestling, riding his bike and dune buggy every chance he gets, and going swimming. His favorite memory from his summer is when he won the kid’s fishing tournament.  A busy kiddo also makes for a big appetite which is first choice would be Kraft Mac and Cheese.

On the weekends he spends his time practicing his entrepreneurial skills by helping to host yard sales and make money. You will see him offering to help his customers take their goodies to their car to make extra tips.  He’s also the first to open the door for you, set the table, and flash his megawatt smile while doing it.

William reports that he likes school okay, but really enjoys learning about cool things like rocket ships and racecars.  He also likes to build things with his Legos and will watch Lego masters for inspiration.

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