Give STL Day 2021

There Has Never Been a Better Time To Support Our Kids

Give STL Day is Thursday, May 6th (add to your calendar), and the Coalition has set a goal of $180,000. That’s an ambitious goal, but there has never been a better time to support our kids.


We learned from the pandemic that connection is everything. But for children in foster care, isolation and loneliness are nothing new.

A stable family has the power to support, comfort, and heal – even through a crisis. Your support the past year helped hundreds of children find safe and nurturing homes.

Our work won’t be done until every child’s most basic need is met: the need for family.

You can help us ensure no child faces the future alone.

Your Dollar Can Have the Greatest Impact on Give STL Day

Give STL Day is the day when your dollar can have the greatest impact. That’s because of our unique mix of match dollars, power hours, and prizes.

First, every dollar you give on Give STL Day is doubled thanks to the Berges Family Foundation and our generous Match Fund donors. Second, by giving during Power Hours, your gift can be lifted by private dollars raised by the St. Louis Community Foundation. Power Hours will be 6AM – 7AM, 9AM – 10, 12PM – 1PM, 3PM – 4PM, 6PM – 7PM, and 10PM – 11PM. Finally, the Coalition can also win thousands of dollars in prizes for raising either the most dollars or having the most unique donors.

To maximize your gift on Give STL Day, make sure to give during a Power Hour!

Create a Personal Give STL Day Fundraising Page

Give STL Day is what’s called a peer-to-peer fundraiser, meaning the way to get ahead is to share the opportunity to give as widely as possible. Sharing the Coalition’s emails, social media posts, and Give STL Day donation link with your coworkers, friends, and family can be just as valuable as your gift itself.

The most effective thing you can do to help us meet our goal of $180,000 is to create a “fundraiser” through the St. Louis Community Foundation’s website. You get your own personal landing page to share with friends and family. By setting your own goal under your name, you significantly increase the odds of your network making a gift. The St. Louis Community Foundation even put together these amazing instructions on how to create your own fundraising team for Give STL Day!

Pro tip: when you share any of our posts, emails, or links to donate, don’t forget to add why you support the Coalition, studies show this personal touch makes people much more likely to donate!

One of the most powerful things you can do ahead of Give STL Day has nothing to do with money at all; remember why your support matters. Every dollar helps our expert staff find stable, supportive homes for kids who need them, and gives those families the support they need to help kids heal.

Your support on Give STL Day last year helped us meet the most basic need of hundreds of kids in St. Louis foster care: the need for family.

One Example of Your Impact in 2020

Linda, a single parent of one 9-year-old adopted child and 3 children in foster care under 3 years of age contacted the Coalition CareLine for support. One of the younger children who has been in the home since birth has many complicated diagnoses that require a multitude of therapeutic appointments every week. Prior to the pandemic, the foster parent had several supportive resources to help her coordinate care and transportation to make sure everyone got to where they needed to be, on time, and no one was left behind. During this time, however, she has been without nearly all of her supports. She has had her work reduced to part-time and, while creative, she is having a difficult time finding and paying babysitters to watch the babies while she takes the older child with medical and behavioral issues to all his appointments. The Coalition connected the foster parent to local resources and provided gift cards to help with immediate material needs. This support took some of the weight off of her shoulders as she navigated difficult challenges to help her children heal.

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