National Exercise With Your Child Week (August 6-12)

Author: Ginette Rhodes

This week we are celebrating family fitness!

Working out as a family helps establish lifelong habits and promotes family bonding! Not only does it bring you closer together, but it also encourages healthy habits for both you and your child. Remember to check in with the Coalition daily to discover a new and exciting fitness challenge everyone can enjoy. Let’s make this week a fun and active one! #workoutweek

Day 1: Day one is fairly simple. Grab your favorite tennis shoes, pack a few water bottles, and head to the park. Day one, we encourage families to plan a 15-20 minute walk in nature or around your neighborhood to kick off our family fitness challenge!

Day 2: Ready for Day two of our family-friendly fitness week? We are! Day two is all about flexibility, intentionality, and centeredness! Practice a few child-friendly yoga poses at home to emphasize self-care while stretching your muscles! You got this!

Not sure where to start? Check out this video we like:


Day 3: Halfway point! On day three, we are headed to the skating rink! Skating is an excellent way to strengthen your core abdominal muscles while practicing balance and agility! If there isn’t a local skate rink no need to fear! Lace-up your rollerblades, head to the park or skate around your neighborhood. Make sure your little one is prepared with a helmet and knee pads!

Day 4: Just keep swimming. We’re almost there! Day four, we’re headed to the pool! Swimming is an excellent way to get a full body workout in a fun and playful way. Whether with swimming lessons or a few laps around your local YMCA or fitness center pool, swimming is a surefire way to get the body in motion!

Day 5: Time for another family fitness challenge! Day five is all about celebration! Let’s get our blood pumping by planning a 10–20 minute dance party! Turn on your kiddo’s favorite jams and rock out to celebrate the week’s finale filled with bonding, fun, and fitness!

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