Once upon a time, there was a 9 year old princess named Ariana who dreamed of a forever home. Ariana has a simple beauty that sneaks up on you with beautiful dark eyes and a smile that lights up the room and everyone around her. She is well known for being sweet and affectionate to friends and family. Her preferred princes companion would be a red cardinal bird or a dog as those are her favorite animals.

Like your typical modern day princess, she loves unicorns, bright colors, and dancing. She will be ready to take the ballroom floor and demonstrate her dance moves. During rainy days when she can’t play outside, Ariana likes to watch TV and color imaginary stories about lands far away. Don’t be tricked by her docile princess demeanor, as Ariana has also been described as being an outdoorsy girl who loves to play in the mud, ride her bike and jump as high as she can on the trampoline.
Ariana loves school and enjoys learning. Once she retires from being a young princess she would love to explore her love for animals more by being a Veterinarian. Ariana hopes to find the perfect family to help her reach her goals and shower her in love and affection.

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