Chavon and K’Von

Brothers Chavon and K’Von are bonded siblings seeking an adoptive home together. Their favorite sibling activity is to go to trampoline parks where they love to do flips, play dodgeball, and take turns dunking baskets. Both boys are quite competitive and little brother K’Von is always trying to show up his big brother. While the boys get along well, their personalities are quite different. Chavon’s calm demeanor is the perfect complement to K’Von’s youthful energy. Both brothers absolutely love sneakers and give each other a hard time about who has the best shoes.

12-year-old Chavon is growing into a wonderful young man. He enjoys school, specifically math and writing, stating that he loves geometry and writing book reports! He loves roller coasters and going to Six Flags in the summer. He is currently babysitting and doing extra chores to work up to a Six Flags summer pass! Chavon enjoys all sports, but basketball is his favorite. He spends most evenings and weekends outside with friends, riding bikes and playing basketball.

Like his brother, 9-year-old K’Von enjoys school and loves sports! K’Von’s sport of choice would be football and he hopes to be able to play on a team someday. K’Von enjoys playing outside and would spend all his time outside. He received an electric scooter for Christmas and is still learning to ride it in hopes he can master it. He loves to ride bikes, scooters, and play football and basketball with other children in the neighborhood. He has a ton of energy would love to be active in sports or other activities.

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