Arianna is a sweet and vivacious child. Her charming personality and bright smile are hard to overlook. Arianna is 10 years old and in the fourth grade. She loves being a “girly-girl” but has no problem switching it up and dressing down when necessary. Arianna enjoys all types of animals, crafts, Dork Diaries and everything that is the color red. She relishes in being active and would do well with a family that enjoys spending quality time together. Arianna adores when her caregivers take time to do her hair and loves when people say she has an eccentric and creative sense of style, especially when it involves dressing. Arianna is able to effectively communicate her needs and feelings without much difficulty, but she will need a family that is able to continue to enhance this skill. Arianna also enjoys helping others!

Legally free for adoption, Arianna will need a family that is able to provide a calm and predictable environment for her; in addition, to being experienced and trauma informed. Her ideal family would be a two parent home with at least a female parent figure. The team is not opposed to a single female parent, but it will be important for her to have a strong support system and the ability to commit to the one-on-time that Arianna will continuously need. Potential families will also need to facilitate and encourage ongoing contact with Arianna’s sister, who has been adopted separately, through phone contact or visitation.

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