Landon is a reserved 11-year-old who is quietly hilarious, which will make you crack just the slyest smile when you talk with him. Landon does not give himself enough credit, reporting he’s “ehh, alright,” but do not let his nonchalant attitude fool you! Landon is an amazing kid and while you have to push a little to get his personality out, you’re going to fall in love when you do.

Landon has so many interests that he would fit in most family systems. Landon loves video games, Pokémon, anime, origami, and YouTube videos. He enjoys challenging new people to create origami cranes, birds, frogs, fish, boats, and boxes that you have to blow up. He knows just how difficult origami can be so he will always let someone attempt and fail, before swooping in as the origami guru. While a self-proclaimed homebody, Landon does enjoy being outdoors, going hiking, biking, and hanging out with friends. Landon gets along with children older and younger and loves family get-togethers.

Landon is an A student and enjoys science and math the most. He is fascinated by science experiments and loves to build things. Landon is adventurous with food, and enjoys trying new cuisines, as long as vegetables aren’t involved! He loves pizza and has started ranking his favorite pizza places.

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