Hasean is a friendly, observant, and affectionate eleven-year old boy. He has a great sense of humor and is very independent. He enjoys playing video games on his tablet, and he recently got an X-Box where he likes to play Minecraft and Rocket Ryder. Hasean likes to watch television shows like Curious George, Bluey and PBS kids. Given that, it isn’t a surprise that Hasean is fascinated with cartoon characters and Spiderman toys. Hasean’s favorite color is red. Hasean gets along well with his classmates and when people meet him, they describe him as such a fun and loving kid. Hasean works really hard at school, and he can identify his letters and numbers and is currently learning to write. In his free time, he likes to go to the playground to play on the swing, the slide and the monkey bars or go to the waterpark. When he wants a calmer activity, he likes to help with watering plants in the garden and gets a kick out of spraying his foster parent with the water hose.

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Niquisha Adail– Extreme Recruiter

1750 South Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 210, Saint Louis, MO 63144
o 314.806.2303
e niquishaadail@foster-adopt.org

For those who are not licensed foster/adoptive parents, please fill out the inquiry form below:

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