Meet 11-year-old Khalia. Khalia is a girly girl firecracker. She loves all things fashion and is up on all the latest trends. She enjoys shopping for colorful outfits that match her personality and working on her nails. When she isn’t working on her fashion, she is found putting together dance routines

 she has learned with her friends. This girl has got some moves!!! Khalia’s favorite sport is gymnastics but she also really enjoys cheerleading and dance.

Khalia really enjoys school. She is always up for a challenge, so naturally, her favorite subject is Math. She enjoys making new friends at school and can carry a conversation about anything. She is a social butterfly who wouldn’t want to be around that bubbly energy, right? Around the house, Khalia likes to be helpful. She will volunteer to assist in the kitchen or clean up just to be around you. She is very quick to bond with animals, especially dogs.

Khalia is an affectionate little girl. She thrives off of praise for good behavior and consistency throughout her day. But the true way to her heart is through a caramel frappe as her go-to treat. If you are interested in an active, fun-loving fashionista Khalia is your girl.

Click the link to watch Khalia’s A Place to Call Home feature: Khalia’s APTCH Feature

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