Nine-year-old Tayana is an aspiring singer, songwriter, and artist. She has an art gallery of songs she has written and drawings she is working on, which she loves to show off. Get her talking about her passions, and she won’t stop. She might even ask you, “am I talking too much?” She loves to spend time with others drawing, coloring, or just being together in the same room. Tayana is also interested in learning to cook and would love to be included in the preparation of family dinners.

Tayana is helpful at home and at school. She loves math, and always raises her hand first to help her classmates with math problems. She is friendly with others and wants to be liked.

Tayana’s love language is touch, and while she is not picky on family type, she wants a mom who can give her hugs or hold her hand when she has had a tough day. Someone who will help her process when emotions get too big, but also be willing to snuggle on the couch watching a movie or read her a story in bed.

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Samantha Fisher – Extreme Recruiter

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o 314.367.8373

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