Waiting Children

For more information on any of these children please call 800.FOSTER.3. You can also contact us here.


Alluriana is an eclectic, creative and wise 10 year old who has the makings of a great leader. She is eager to be adopted by a family who will love her unconditionally. Alluriana truly enjoys reading adventurous books for hours, learning interesting facts about American history, and visiting new sites within her city that she has not seen before. Alluriana also loves animals and indicated that she does not have a specific preference but hopes to be able to have one in her forever home. Alluriana enjoys doing crafts and listening to Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and One Direction when she does not have homework. Alluriana’s favorite place to eat is McDonald’s and she enjoys Dairy Queen every once in a while. Alluriana is very close to her therapist and her case manager. They have a very close bond that has grown over the years. Alluriana is in the fifth grade and she is a child who truly enjoys school. She is academically above average in many of her core subjects and she is determined to get good grades. She aspires to be an author or an editor when she grows up and her favorite subjects are English and History. Alluriana has been observed to be shy and reserved when it comes to making friends. This could be attributed to her being very mature for her age. Alluriana is working very hard to establish genuine and healthy relationships with her friends. Alluriana is currently receiving weekly therapy. In order for her to be successful, this resource will need to continue. Alluriana very much wants a family that will accept her unconditionally. It would be in Alluriana’s best interest if she is the youngest member of the family. Alluriana benefits from a high level of structure, consistency and stability. Alluriana craves love and affection, so her family will need to display the love they have for her openly. Alluriana does well with positive reinforcement.


Anyaii is a beautiful 15 year old who is ready for a family! She is a happy, affectionate child, who loves to sing and dance. Anyaii loves animals, and has said that she would like to be in a home with pets, especially dogs. Her favorite kind of dog is a Yorkie! Anyaii is not a picky eater (although she hates mushrooms!) and her favorite foods are pizza rolls and ramen noodles. She also likes fast food. Anyaii has big dreams for herself, and wants to go to Mizzou after she graduates high school. When Anyaii meets new people, she may present as shy and timid; she has hard time learning to trust new people. She is a people pleaser, and is respectful to authority. Once she is comfortable with someone, she is very sweet and loving, and is a joy to be around. Anyaii is a resilient young lady who longs to be part of a forever family. She thrives on consistency and positive attention.

Armhad & Darreldron

Armhad, age 14 is a kind and social young man looking for his forever family! Armhad has a cheerful disposition and loves chatting with people. Armhad likes school, and gets especially excited about art class. He has a creative side, and has considered utilizing his enterprising talents in a future profession as a hair stylist. Armhad enjoys animals, so he has also considered a future in animal welfare or veterinarian services. He enjoys making other people happy and looks to others for feedback about himself. A couple of Armhad’s favorite places to go are Golden Corral and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Armhad possesses leadership qualities, which he exhibits with his peers and his family. He takes pride in his role as the eldest sibling of four children and deeply cares for his brothers and sister. These relationships are important to the siblings and should continue after an adoption finalization. When asked about being adopted, Armhad replied that he wants a family to love him and care for him and he isn’t particular about home composition. He requested that interested families be told “(he) want(s) to meet them and hope(s) they are nice!” Darreldron, age 11 is a fun-loving young man looking for his forever family. Darreldron has the most contagious laugh, which is often apparent given his jovial disposition. When describing himself, Darreldron once remarked, “I love Jesus, church, and Michael Jackson!” Darreldron loves to draw and color; he’s quite talented and can draw many animals. Darreldron can often be found drumming a beat, humming, or singing. He recently received a drum pad and drum sticks for his birthday and was elated. He enjoys books, especially books with Humpty Dumpty as a character because he loves the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. Like most children, Darreldron isn’t a big fan of vegetables but loves cake! Those who know Darreldron describe him as sweet, silly, and friendly. Darreldron interacts well with both peers and adults. He looks to others for guidance, but is also comfortable advocating for what he wants. He lights up when around his three siblings. These relationships are important to the siblings and should continue after an adoption finalization. Armhad and Darreldron would benefit from a family who utilizes structure, therapeutic resources, and consistency.


Ten year old is a sweet boy with an easy-going and affectionate nature. He laughs and giggles easily. Christopher does have some special needs. With the assistance of his hearing aids he is learning small words and basic sign language, but is also able to express his needs in other ways. Christopher likes to listen to upbeat music and enjoys riding in the car. He loves school and is ready and waiting at the door to leave in the morning. He likes playing outside and is learning to play with toys and to dress himself. Christopher has a connection with his older brother and younger sister that will be important to continue.

Dakota & Austyn

Dakota is a 15 year old young man with a quick smile. Dakota is an adventurous outdoorsy kid that enjoys being involved in boy scouts. He enjoys camping, canoeing, fishing, and bonfires. Dakota is in the 9th grade describes school as being “alright”. Dakota plans to graduate from high school and go into the Army with the hopes of being in the K-9 unit or Special Forces. Dakota loves to read and his favorite book series are Harry Potter and Divergent. Other things that Dakota likes to do in his free time include: playing video games, shopping, interacting with animals, and being outside. Dakota has a charming personality and makes friends easily. In a new home Dakota hopes to be able to play football and baseball. Dakota describes himself as “nice and funny” and that his biggest strengths are that he is athletic and picks up on things easily. Austyn is 13 year old young man who is soft spoken. Austyn loves to be involved in helping with anything he can. He describes himself as a nice kid. He reports that his strengths are being a hands on worker and being artistic. Austyn is in the 7th grade and enjoys going to school. His favorite subject in school is Science. Austyn hopes to go to college to be an engineer or welder. In Austyn’s free time he enjoys sketching/painting, wood carving, riding his bike, and playing with friends. Austyn also loves sports and in a new home hopes to play soccer and wrestle. Austyn also likes animals a lot, especially horses and white Siberian tigers.


Damien is a bright young man with a great sense of humor--he loves to make people laugh, and he loves to play games! Damien often takes a leadership role with his peers and is encouraging to others when they are having a tough time. Damien has insight into his needs and would greatly benefit from consistent, positive support in his life. Damien is a joy to be around, and he has been working hard on his treatment goals. Monopoly is his absolute favorite game and he is also very competitive. He also loves all sports including monster trucks! He is a very pleasant, charming and talkative boy although he is quiet with people he doesn’t know very well. Damien is very open when talking about his accomplishments and responds well to positive praise. He has been described by his previous placement as smart, insightful and caring by those who are close to him. Damien performs at his grade level and he does have a 504 plan in school. The team is in the process of requesting an IEP for Damien. Damien’s teacher describes one of his qualities at school is that he enjoys helping to organize the classroom. His previous teacher reports that Damien has friends at school, cares about them and wants very much to meet the expectations of the structured environment. Damien is noted to be a bright boy that wants to succeed. His dream when he “grows up” is to graduate high school and enlist in the Army. The agency is seeking an adoptive family for Damien that is highly committed and has a desire to understand challenging behaviors. Damien is in need of a family that will encourage him to participate in activities that he enjoys. Damien continues to bond and be affectionate with the people that he trusts.


David has sandy brown hair, dimples when he smiles, and brown eyes. David is smart, fun to be around, and an all-around great kid. He has a teasing sense of humor, but in a good way! David is a good student who benefits from encouragement with class work. Last year, David said that when he grows up, he wanted to be an artist or a professional wrestler. Recently, maturity has set in and David is considering possible career choices of an accountant or possibly entering the military to learn the construction field, such as in the Naval Seabees. David likes playing video games, drawing, swimming, watching wrestling, and fishing. David loves to fish! His dream vacation would be a trip to go deep sea fishing. David likes listening to music and his favorite group is AC/DC. David would like a family that includes a mom who is a “good cook.” David has taken cooking classes hopes his new mom is a "good cook" so she can teach him some skills!


Delilah, age 12 is a tall and beautiful pre-teen who is ready for a forever family. The first thing people notice when they meet Delilah is her big bright smile that is contagious. Delilah is a girlie girl. She likes to wear lip gloss, nail polish, headbands and jewelry with her matching outfits. Delilah is outgoing and fun to be around. When you are around her she likes to say things that will make you laugh. She said some of her favorite things to do are dancing, drawing and polishing her fingernails. When she’s not doing those things she is playing games like Virtual Family and Fashion Show on the cell phone. Delilah is very helpful around the house. She likes to wash dishes, vacuum, sweep, mop and even clean her room. If she’s not doing her chores, she is helping in the kitchen. Delilah said she can make pancakes, eggs, cookies, cupcakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. She loves eating what she cooks. Hot wings, pizza and macaroni are some other things she loves to eat, but has not learned to cook them yet. When you ask Delilah about school, she will tell you she likes school. She said Science is her favorite class. Delilah said she makes her highest grade in Gym. She said she loves playing volleyball in gym class. Delilah is a loving and caring child that likes to bring joy to everyone. Delilah will do well in a home that will provide love, structure, consistency and a sense of belonging. Being a part of a family is very important to Delilah.


Demitri (16) is a sweet young man with a fabulous smile. He’s very active and loves to be with friends and those he cares about. Demitri is very outgoing, inquisitive, and friendly. He cares a lot about others and is also a great self-advocate! Demitri is proud of the personal improvements he has made and the obstacles he has overcome. He is maturing into a fine young man. Photo by Jessi Brawley.


Deontrae is 15 and, although he's a city boy by locale, he's actually a country boy at heart. Deontrae loves the open air, land, and the quiet comfort of a rural setting. This is where he feels most at ease. Deontrae loves surrounding himself with animals and caring for both large and small animals of all types. "I love having the chance to have a hands-on experience with animals," Deontrae says. Deontrae will even educate you on animals with tons of fun animal facts and statistics. He likes learning as much as he can about his furry and not-so-furry friends. Deontrae has a great imagination and is quite talented when it comes to constructing things like monuments from Legos. This talent is put to good use when Deontrae is doing a project for his science class. He also loves airplanes and rockets. A young many with many interests, Deontrae is a great conversationalist and really likes to "strike up a conversation with other people." When Deontrae talks about his future forever family, he says, "the ideal family could live anywhere in the United States - anywhere that I can live on a farm or a ranch. I want to be around nature, animals, and to be able to keep myself busy by working the land.” Deontrae would be a wonderful brother to siblings that are his age or older - to encourage him and keep him active! (Photo by Jessi Brawley)


Meet Destiny, a sweet 16 year old who is a looking for her forever family. Destiny can be a little shy when she first meets new people. However, once she gets to know someone she can really open up and engage in great conversations. Those that know her well describe her as funny, affectionate, and silly. Destiny has a wide range of interests from crafts to sports. She loves to express herself artistically and has a knack for everything crafty from sewing to painting bird houses. She enjoys many sports such as basketball, baseball, and kickball. With a love for the outdoors, her other interests include riding her bike, swimming, and running. She has a great passion for animals especially butterflies and horses. In school, her favorite subject is math. Her favorite foods include pizza, hamburgers, and spicy food but she also has a bit of a sweet tooth. Destiny would benefit from a family who is committed, proactive, and nurturing. She would do best in a family that is active, enjoys the outdoors, and spends one-on-one time with her. Relationships and trust are important to Destiny; therefore she would do best in a family that is relationally focused and family oriented.


Devontae, age 13 is a charming and very outgoing teenager who is going to make a great addition to a forever family. Devontae has a big heart and personality and a contagious smile. His appearance is very important to him. He likes to make sure his outfits are well put together and stylish; Devontae is a sharp dresser. From Devontae’s first hello, he captures your attention. His conversations are very interesting and you are sure to laugh when you talk to him; he loves to make people laugh. Devontae is very caring, helpful, a hard worker and one who loves to please others. He is a leader in his home, at school, and in the community. Devontae said some of his favorite things to do are dance, sing, draw and paint. When it comes to dance he can do Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Praise dancing. Devontae has sung in the choir at church and at school. His friends love to hear him sing. He gets a little bashful when you ask him if he can sing. Devontae is also a wrestler and a swimmer. He just recently joined a wrestling team. He said he is ready to win his wrestling matches. He is also excited about swimming. Devontae learned how to swim during his summer vacation. When he is not busy doing activities he likes to take time out to play action games. One of his favorite shows Casey Down Under or any cartoons that come on television. Other things he likes to do are go to Six Flags and to church. Devontae loves school. He said he has a lot of friends; he fits in at his school. Devontae loves the fact that he attends a visual and performing arts school. He is doing well in his classes making A’s and B’s. He wants to continue his schooling in a visual and performing arts school until he graduates. Devontae is a good eater and knows just how he likes his food. He said his favorite things to eat are fried chicken and hamburgers. Devontae is a joy to be around. He will do well in a home with love, structure, guidance and support to help him grow.

Dontae & Octavia

Dontae is a handsome and respectful 13 year old boy who is a basketball fanatic! He enjoys watching and playing basketball. Besides being a basketball fan, Dontae also loves helping others accomplish their goals. Dontae will not admit it, but he is very protective of his younger sister and is always advocating for her. Dontae enjoys math and likes peer -tutoring his classmates. Octavia is a charming and happy 12 year old little girl. Octavia enjoys coloring, playing with her dolls, and watching educational television shows. Octavia also enjoys going to church participating in the youth group and singing in the choir. Octavia privately admitted that she loves getting all the attention in her family from being the only girl. Octavia and Dontae are placed together while their two older siblings are placed together in a different home; however they still maintain a close bond and relationship with their older siblings.


Dylan is a fun 11 year old boy. He has a big smile and can often be silly. Dylan loves one-on-one attention to help him play with legos and puzzles. He has fun bouncing any type of ball and playing chase. Due to his sensory needs, he also enjoys applying pressure to his jaw, swinging, walking around outside, and spending some time alone. The best home for Dylan is one that is open to learning more about his needs and services that can help.

Emma, Maggie & Grace

Emma is a beautiful 15 year old young lady that loves cheerleading and spending time with her friends. She also likes trying new things and started playing softball this year. Emma also enjoys going to the mall, the skating rink, and doing hair. She started 8th grade this year and reports that school is good. Emma is really excited to find an adoptive home! Maggie is an adorable 7 year old with a sweet smile. Maggie started 2nd grade this year and reports that she loves school, especially math! She also enjoys riding her bike, playing with friends, coloring, and swimming. She is a fish in the water! Grace just turned 5! She is a theatrical social butterfly that loves to entertain people. She loves to play with her dolls, color, and play with blocks. She currently attends preschool and the school reports that she does great! All three girls love to spend time with each other as a family. They all also report that they enjoy being involved in their church and feel that it is an important part of their life.


Garrett is a very energetic 12 year old boy. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an adorable smile! Garrett loves playing outside and has a passion for animals. He is a very funny child and likes to be the center of attention. In Garrett’s free time he likes to play Minecraft and ride his bike. He also enjoys playing basketball and going swimming. Garrett likes going places such as Skyzone and going out to eat. Garrett is not a picky eater. His favorite dessert is pecan pie. Garrett enjoys drawing and painting so it is no surprise that his favorite subject in school is art. Garrett is legally free for adoption. He is ready to be adopted and have a family. Garrett does have an older sibling whom he would like to maintain some type of contact. Garrett desires a family that will love him and looks forward to having a consistent “mom” and “dad” in his life.


Jacob excels in anything related to the great outdoors, from fishing and hunting to helping rebuild a canoe or working with plants! In the past, Jacob’s peers and adults who worked with him would look to Jacob for guidance baiting fishing hooks or setting rabbit traps. Jacob considers himself respectful, responsible, and honest. He likes rap music and video games and noted that Assassin’s Creed is his favorite game. Those who know Jacob remark about how caring and compassionate he can be. He is open to trying new things; he even said he would try sushi though he’s never had the opportunity before. Jacob enjoys math, science, and history classes and is already considering a future in carpentry or a related trade. Jacob acknowledged that math can be a challenge for him, but he’s great with “eyeballing it”! He isn’t afraid to march to the beat of his own drum; he laughs about his favorite outfit consisting of rain boots, shorts, and a vest.


Have you ever wanted to save the human race from the zombie apocalypse, or be the super hero everyone looks up to? Well James has, and he needs a loving family to join him on all of his gaming adventures. James is a very charming and affectionate fifteen year old who is anxious to have you as his forever family! His favorite activity is playing video games although he also enjoys being in the great outdoors fishing, swimming and camping. James is social and finds delight in helping others. He loves different foods and helping with meal preparation within the home. James also likes to do activities such as bowling, creating arts and crafts, watching movies on Netflix and skating. He has been described as being a very compassionate, imaginative, and easy going teenager, which are traits we would all love to see in ourselves. In school, James makes average grades in his classes. His teachers report that he is staying on task more often and responds well to redirection. James has two younger sisters with whom he would like to maintain contact. James would thrive in a home with a family that can be patient, nurturing and committed to him.

Javeta and Danearia

Sisters Danearia and Javeta refuse to give up hope that they'll finding a forever family together. It's likely Danearia will be wearing pink or orange when you meet her. A girly-girl at heart, those are her favorite colors. Danearia, who turns 14 this Spring, has a great sense of humor and loves to be center stage. "I like to dance, sing, and draw," she says. Danearia has high hopes and a promising future ahead of her, especially if she's given love and lasting commitment from a forever family. Danearia isn't quite positive what she wants to be when she grows up. "Maybe I'll be a baker and make cakes and everything," she says. What Danearia does know is that she wants a forever family. Danearia hopes she'll find one soon. "The best part about finding a forever family is that I'll get to be with my sister. We could do our homework together and have sleepovers every night!" Danearia is also a fabulous big sister. Javeta, just two years younger than Danearia, is just as special as Danearia. Javeta can seem a bit more "serious" than her sister. She is a fan of clothing and anything fashion-related. The pair are quite silly and very loving toward one another. Javeta enjoys doing activities with her sister like baking. Mostly, the sisters just like to talk and be silly together! "I try to help people then they're sad," Javeta says. "I like making them feel better." Javeta doesn't know what she would do without her Danearia. That is why finding a family who will adopt them both is so important to her. "I never knew my real family, other than my sister. I want a mom and a dad who will love and take care of us both." For more information on Javeta and Danearia, currently waiting in foster care and available for adoption, Photo by Jessi Brawley, taken at Sarah's Cake Shop during the girls' filming for KSDK NewsChannel 5's segment, "A Place to Call Home." A link to their story will be online in the beginning of April. Please check back then to watch the girls make cupcakes and talk about why they want a forever family. Photo by Jessi Brawley.


Jayshawn is very polite with a sweet disposition that is hard to deny. Much like many children his own age Jayshawn’s interests include playing outside, riding bikes and swimming. He has recently taken an interest in basketball and is excited to learn more about the game. Jayshawn also enjoys video games and would love an opponent who will join him in his gaming adventures. He enjoys opportunities to socialize with his peers, however, it is not uncommon to find Jayshawn also enjoying some quality alone time with his Legos. Jayshawn excels academically and will rise to the occasion if challenged in the classroom. He is very eager to please those who care about him. Jayshawn enjoys keeping busy and is happy to help in any way possible regardless of the task, even if it’s cleaning house or pulling weeds in the garden. He is determined in all of his activities and holds high expectations of himself. When Jayshawn puts his mind to completing a task he puts 110% effort into getting the job done right the first time around. He would do best in a structured home with adults who can assist him in accepting occasional defeats. He wouldn’t mind being a big or little brother and has a big heart for animals. He desires a family that he can open his heart up to. Jayshawn doesn’t yet know what he wants to be when he’s all grown up, but he is looking forward to joining the forever family who can model for him the kind of person he wants to be.


This 14 year old is a lot of strength, class, and extra sass!   Lamonica, who is the most avid reader her team has ever met, also loves getting her nails and hair done. Lamonica thrives on alone time, which usually provides opportunity to get lost in a new book. Lamonica is sharp-witted and likes making people laugh. Lamonica smirked when asked how she sees herself and stated "Gorgeous." She also joked that her favorite class is recess, when actually, she doesn't even have recess. Lamonica has aspirations of being a doctor or working in the medical field and plans to attend college to pursue this dream. When asked what other people thought about her, Lamonica remarked, "Well, ask them!" Those who know Lamonica note that she is pretty, smart, funny, personable, and a great advocate for herself.

Morlissa, Alyssa, Derrion

Smart, active, playful and polite are just a few words that describe this sibling group of three who very much want a forever family where they can live together. Morlissa, 14, is independent and likes to sing and play the violin. She also enjoys reading and playing soccer. Math, reading and science are her favorite subjects in school. She describes herself as smart, unique and creative. Alyssa, 11, is active and artistic. She enjoys doing flips outdoors, riding her bike and drawing. Alyssa works very hard in school. Her favorite subject is Art, though she is also very good at math. Alyssa enjoys playing soccer. Derrion, 7, is sweet boy. He loves cars, especially race cars! He enjoys the outdoors and is athletic. He is very outgoing and friendly. He enjoys laughing and being silly.


Nykeriah is a beautiful 12 year old female with a huge smile and a lot of spunk! Nykeriah is in the 7th grade and loves school! She generally receives A’s and B’s in her classes and reports her favorite subject to be Math. After graduating high school, Nykeriah plans to go to college to be either a teacher or a doctor. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, getting her nails and hair done, watching movies, and being active as much as possible. Nykeriah has a bubbly personality and warms up to other people quickly! Nykeriah also has a passion for music and would really like to start dance classes as well. She also reports loving animals, especially dogs and would love a home that has a dog. Nykeriah describes herself as smart, creative, loving, and sweet. Like your typical pre-teen, Nykeriah’s favorite things are the colors red and pink, Chris Brown, and the mall. She also reports to the team that she would like to have a forever home. Nykeriah has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. Nykeriah would benefit from a home that is consistent and able to provide strong role models and relationships.

Olivia, Faith, & Hope

Olivia, Faith, and Hope are a sibling group that is very bonded to one another. Olivia is 17 years old, Faith is 14 years old, and Hope is 11 years old. They love to hang out together and engage in various activities together. Olivia is the writer in the family and enjoys reading and writing her own poetry and hopes to one day get published. Faith is very smart and enjoys playing basketball. Hope is very affectionate and sweet and enjoys making others laugh. All three girls look out for each other and they benefit from spending time together. Olivia, Faith, and Hope want to be adopted together. They will benefit from a loving, patient, and nurturing family who will provide them with a structured and stable environment. The perfect family for Olivia, Faith, and Hope is an active family with no other children in the home. It will also be important to the girls to remain in contact with their current foster parent. For more information on Olivia, Faith, and Hope, please contact Edna Green at 800.FOSTER.3 (314.367.8373) ext. 2247.

Ronzell, Trannelle & Ronnell

Ronnell, who is 8 years old, takes on his big brother role well. He cares about his siblings and asks about them when not with them. Ronnell is great at math, but also has an adventurous daredevil streak. 6 year old Trannelle, though he’s over a year younger than Ronnell, is the same size as Ronnell. People often mistake them as twins! Trannelle has the mind of an engineer; he likes taking things apart to figure out how they work. He tends to be more introspective than his other siblings. Both boys are very athletic. They are just as likely to be found playing a sport and doing back flips as they are to be inside watching cartoons. They’re both naturally helpful and compassionate. The youngest brother, 3 year old Ronzell, wishes he could be a teenage mutant ninja turtle. If he can’t be a turtle, he’d probably settle for being a monster truck. Ronzell loves making other people laugh, which isn’t hard considering how silly he can be. Some of Ronzell’s favorite things include his brothers, Spiderman, and tomato soup (regardless of the temperature outside). Ronzell loves climbing, running, or trying to play sports with the big kids. Another favorite past time of Ronzell’s is sweeping!

Shaniah & Shanae

Shaniah and Shanae are energetic and upbeat 12 and 14-year-old girls. While the girls could almost pass as twins, Shaniah takes pride in being the slightly older sister! Both Shaniah and Shanae enjoy spending time with friends, shopping, and frequently changing their hair and makeup by trying new styles and looks. They are both talented singers, dancers, and gymnasts and enjoy expressing themselves through art. Shaniah participates in weekly dance classes and says that African-style dance is her favorite medium. Shanae enjoys singing and is naturally theatrical; she enjoys making others laugh and thrives in the spotlight. Shaniah describes herself as friendly and smart. Shanae says that she is a good friend and is outgoing and talented. Shaniah and Shanae are currently placed in separate foster homes, but look forward to joining a family where they can be adopted together. They are closely bonded and crave a family that will love and accept them through all of life’s tribulations. They would do well in a single parent or two-parent household with siblings or as the only children in the home. The girls have older siblings with whom they would like to maintain contact. Because Termination of Parental Rights has not yet occurred, this is a legal risk placement.