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What’s New with Your Child’s Healthcare: An Evening with Show Me Healthy Kids

(Cohort 4) Feb. 22

2 Hours Training Credit

Did you know: Your child can earn money for well-care doctor visits? Birthparents can utilize transportation to visit their children? Some children qualify for a free sensory kit? Show Me Healthy Kids (Home State Health) Provides coordinated medical and behavioral health care services for youth who are in DSS custody (foster care and DYS), former foster children, and individuals receiving adoption and guardianship subsidies. Show Me Healthy Kids (SMHK) also offers:

  • Care Coordination Services to help you understand benefits, get help with appointments, find transportation* assistance and identify local community resources.
  • An integrated medical home where each child has access to Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), behavioral health clinicians, specialists, dentists, and vision services
  • Training Programs that provide clinical expertise and program information for families, caregivers, caseworkers, and other child advocates.

This presentation will cover these benefits along with information on how SMHK can collaborate with Children’s Division, resource providers, and community partners to ensure the best outcomes for our youth in foster care.

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