Alexa and Lamar

Ever heard of the term yin and yang? Alexa and Lamar are just that, two opposites that complement each other perfectly. Alexa and Lamar may be shy at first, but with some time, they flourish into sassy, playful, and energetic kids! 

Alexa is a girly girl diva who always likes to look her best. She is one tall young lady with a soft voice, but don’t let that fool you. You will never catch her out without a cute hairstyle or a matching purse accompanying her outfits. Alexa enjoys reading; she does not have a favorite book or genre but enjoys picking up a good book. Alexa hopes to one day become a doctor so that she can help people. 

While not as outspoken as his big sister, Lamar has a big personality just waiting to come out. Lamar is one smart kid; he loves everything about school. Math, of course, is his favorite subject! Lamar enjoys playing video games with friends or playing sports like basketball outside when not focusing on schoolwork. His sweet smile will make anyone’s heart melt. He has one big appetite like the growing boy he is! A big burger or an Oreo ice cream is right up his alley. 

Alexa and Lamar both love animals, dogs especially. When asked what activity they would like, they agreed on something involving animals. Despite being the older sibling, Alexa looks to her brother for safety and comfort. Not surprising as Lamar’s calm demeanor can make anyone feel at ease. This dynamic duo truly compliments one another; even with the occasional brother/sister banter, they will keep you on your toes!! 

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