Remington is an active and fun loving 10-year-old. He enjoys activities that stimulate his senses like playing in bubbles, jumping on a trampoline, and playing in a ball pit. When it’s bright and sunny outside,  Remington’s outdoorsy personality shines.  He loves to go to the park and play in the grass.  He also loves music. If you’re lucky he’ll sing a song for you. Remington is somewhat introverted, he will play with others and is kind and loving when doing so, but he prefers his own space. Remington enjoys physical activities and sports and has just been introduced to bowling, which has become a new favorite activity. Remington has a healthy appetite and likes all types of food. His favorites are chicken nuggets and cookies washed down with a large cup of apple juice. All and all, Remington has a sweet and gentle personality and does well meeting new people and being in new environments.

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